I am a law specialist and languages lover, my interests stem largely from my passion for language: the history of Arabic, linguistics, foreign languages, word etymologies, and literature. I am fascinated by the meeting of cultures, and in the exchange of ideas and impressions made possible by translation.

I am an experienced translator and interpreter working from Spanish and English into Arabic. I hold a MA in Comparative Law from the University of Granada, and specialise in translating legal documents and marketing texts for multinational corporations. In addition to more than 5 years’ experience in the management of professional translation projects , I also have more than 10 years of professional translation and editing experience, in projects ranging from academic dissertations to the telecommunications, military, mining, shipping and construction industries. Recent translation projects have included annual reports, marketing materials, catalogues, online content, confidential legal and medical documentation, business contracts, and web content and design: the fundamentals of non-fiction writing remain constant, despite the varying content. I have also been involved in a number of projects dealing with fictional literature, editing and providing substantive consultation for children’s book manuscripts, poetry, short stories, and novels. I also have experience in teaching Modern Standard and Syrian Colloquial Arabic in both Syria and Spain. I have been employed as a Project Manager at Translations.com since October 2010. Although my studies focused on Law and the legal field, learning languages always has been my great passion: my time spent living in Spain, combined with the knowledge I have gained through my degree and work experience has given me a good grasp of both Spanish and English, not only in terms of grammar but also as regards everyday, spoken Spanish and English. My extensive experience in the translation field and linguistic work, resulting from having translated and revised Spanish and English into Arabic texts regularly over the past 14 years, has helped to improve my language skills and keep them up to date.

I am a dedicated, loyal employee with a strong work ethic and valuable experience and background in the area of linguistics and translations. I pride myself on being very thorough and accurate in my work while still being able to meet tight deadlines. I enjoy new challenges and working with new subject matter.