Our programs and projects: –

Women’s economic empowerment program.

To achieve tangible progress for women’s access to their rights, the Assembly’s initiative to improve women’s access to a decent life and work on rehabilitation and economic empowerment through training and rehabilitation and provide jobs small programs and projects for the sake of gaining and her family to a decent life.

The initiative aims to: –

Provide tips and advice to women based on small projects.
Training and rehabilitation of women and girls who want to start their own businesses by training them to plan their projects insult to reach the funding and management
Raise awareness of the economic rights of women

Has been the integration of rehabilitation programs and economic empowerment of women represented in several projects in: –

Project towards a more positive participation of Egyptian women in collaboration with the Global Fund for Women.
Project support the participation of women at the local level and in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Egypt.
Anti-trafficking program in the women in cooperation with the European Union.
Legal assistance program for women.

Assembly work through the unit legal and social assistance to women to provide all means of legal, social and psychological support to women where they are based approach to human rights and legal approach to work to spread legal awareness approach among women and working to change the direction Almentahj during the current stage of women’s rights. The program works on the concerted efforts of the government, the media and civil society to ensure women’s access to justice and human rights by increasing the awareness of members of the society, and strengthen the capacity of community and civil society organizations to strengthen the legal rights of women.

The Unit aims to: –

Configure the network of associations and civil institutions to support women’s issues and to protect them from the crimes committed against them.
Educate women / girls by methods of violence against women and to obtain their legal rights in the face
Counseling and legal aid to women and girls without a fee.
The provision of official papers that will help them to get their rights and provide them with legal protection without a fee.
Providing publications to be used as a means to educate the ladies / girls of their legal rights

The implementation of legal assistance programs through the following projects: –

Legal education for girls project Meh Mama Cash Foundation in collaboration
Legal Clinic for the victims of sexual harassment project
Project legal assistance to women.
Anti-trafficking program in the women in cooperation with the European Union.
Program participation of women in the process of democratization.

Women’s participation in the process of democratic transformation program designed to prepare women leaders and strengthen opportunities for women to participate in decision-making process, and the Assembly to communicate with members of professional and labor unions, local councils and participation in decision-making through the rehabilitation of candidates for parliament in 2010 of women to participate in the electoral process process and their influence in the decision-making stage, has been preparing cadres capable of running the electoral and political process in all its stages.

The program was aimed at: –

Preparation of leaders and cadres of women to participate in the political process and to influence decision-making.
Training and qualification of a team of campaign managers to be able to support candidates.
Training and qualification of the trade union leaders of women to participate in the decision-making process within the trade unions.
A team of lawyers defenders of women’s rights and claim their rights.
The formation of the first women’s federation of trade union women representatives of a large number of professional associations.

Has been implementing programs of women’s participation through the following projects: –

Project preparation of women leaders in collaboration with the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute.
Awareness project for women in the electoral process
Project activate the participation of women in trade unions in cooperation with the National Democratic Fund.
Women’s Union for women within the trade unions project in collaboration with the National Democratic Fund.
Project to strengthen and enhance the performance of members of local councils in collaboration with the Partnership with the Middle East.