My services:

  • Translation

  • Proofreading and editing

  • Transcription

I deal with all proofreading and copy-editing aspects for Arabic documents.



I approach translating using the same two-part lens as I approach editing: in order to produce a faithful and effective translation, I must consider your specific purpose and your audience. Translating is as much about your message as it is about your words. You need a person who understands the subtleties of your target language: its idioms and rhythm, as well as the cultural context of your specific audience. I take care to deliver translations that are register-appropriate for your project.


Proofreading and Editing


I provide editing services for a wide range of writing styles ranging from academic to legal, and from creative to business, identifying the individual purpose and intent behind each project, and shaping the content of your text to convey that intent in a concise, appropriate, and effective way. I adapt my editing to your individual needs: I work hand in hand with you to establish your desired level of editing for any given project before undertaking the editing process. I offer you the best version of yourself in writing.

Copy Adaptation

How can we translate and customise our communications to make them resonate with target cultural groups? Translation works on the premise that today’s consumers are highly attuned to advertising copy. If content does not ring absolutely true, it loses credibility: copy adaptation helps to create a strong international image within different national contexts. By helping brands customise their messages to speak not only to Arabic audiences but also to specific demographics throughout the Arabic world, we build bridges that will last a lifetime. Well-crafted translations can establish a foundation of trust that not only serves to attract and retain customers, but turn them into enthusiastic brand advocates too.


Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. I am highly skilled in helping writers to focus their thoughts, sharpen their writing, and successfully overcome whatever obstacles their projects entail. Whether it is creative help, academic or cultural consultancy, my job is to help you write confidently and competently, discovering the best version of yourself in your own words.


I am highly skilled in transcription work, and provide high quality, accurate audio and video transcription services .