Human rights movement in Egypt suffered during the last four years from the phenomenon of political use of human right principles, values, documents and mechanisms, double standards in the attitudes and reports of some organizations. Moreover, it suffered from double standards of some democratic countries which we, for a long period of time, have followed as successful positive models in applying human rights system in the world.

The human rights reports issued from Egypt are distinguished by denying and ignoring a reality lived by the Egyptian people which revolted against an abhorrent religious fascism. The Egyptian people pays the price of this revolution in suffering from terrorism, political violence and attempts to inflame sectarian violence. These reports depend on false and undocumented information in accordance with the approved investigation and documentation standards and mechanisms on which we based human rights movement for long years.

These human rights reports lacking professionalism based on observation and documentation mechanisms led to weakening the values of neutrality and transparency.  Furthermore, some of them offended human rights mechanisms themselves and invalidated the United Nations` mechanisms in achieving the principle of maintenance of international peace and security for the benefit of countries and political groups jostling in Egypt and the Arab region.

These recurrent false attitudes and reports concerning the Egyptian affairs have increasingly negative impressions on the Egyptian public opinion, which shifted from advocacy and support of the human rights movement throughout the past thirty five years to skepticism and anger. This skepticism and anger resulted from attitudes against the Egyptian people by some western countries who were considered advanced pattern of human rights. As there is a prevailing impression in the Egyptian public opinion that the democratic countries hear the situation in Egypt with only one ear and do not see the whole picture.

Egyptian human rights organizations have suffered greatly as a result of this disgraceful behavior which supports politics and wastes human rights. In addition to that, the popular human rights demands were affected negatively as the parliamentary and localities elections were delayed. Moreover, Egyptian human rights organizations’ ` efforts to activate article 65 of the Egyptian Constitution of 2014 concerning integrating the reference to human rights in the Egyptian laws stalled. Non-governmental organizations` law was disabled. Policies of the protection and promotion of social and economic rights were adversely affected. Violations of freedoms continued and the policy of dealing with the non-governmental organizations as subordinate not a real partner in the process of economic, social and civil development continued as well.

The jurists and human rights organizations still operate in Egypt, they did not migrate, and they are very angry and annoyed of wasting their efforts and their long term activity for human rights, which are exposed to vandalism today as a result of the manipulation of some countries and organizations concerning the values and principles of human rights. We see principles and values wasted, models of ancient democracy distorted and the people are angry because of what is going on around them, so enough is enough.

In defense of human right and the people`s right to know full facts, we decided to form the National Alliance for Human Rights and Development and found a human rights observatory which depends on reference, documents and human rights values. It will observe, document and follow up human rights events in Egypt inside and outside Egypt and provide true picture of reality apart from politicization, denial, neglect and distortion. So that the reports of the observatory will be in front of the people first, then  human rights supporters in the whole world to preserve human rights and in continuity of our activity in addressing violations and negative phenomena which threaten human rights.